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            Interested at a very early age in human beings and the harmony that exists (or that should exist) between them, this avid curiosity destined  Jean Louis Palamini for the study of in-depth Psychology and ensuing social interactions.. 

            Very early on, he became conscious of  the imperious necessity for resolving conflicts, both externally  and internally, for every human being- as these conflicts are often responsible for illnesses and psychic and emotional disturbances.

            In Tokyo, where he perfected his studies in Shiatsu, Acupuncture without Needles and Psycho-Energy, at the hands of Japanese masters, he learned these century-old techniques which restore balance to the vital energies of  body and mind  and harmonise the physiological functions.

            In 1980, the study of Radiesthesia brought him to a meeting with Georges Piémont, pioneer of Aurapsychography, an ancestral science of the Analysis and Reharmonisation of Psychic Energy. George Piemont, recognising a remarkable sensitivity to the described techniques, suggested initiation in this science for Jean Louis Palamini which  then took place over a period of several years. 

             Starting in 1984, JL Palamini set up a practice in this age-old science which  dynamizes the effects of the Psycho-energetic techniques with subsequent remarkable results,  sometimes spectacular.

             In 1988, he obtained his Diploma in  Prophylactic Sophrology and Eriksonien Hypnosis.

            In 2000, he obtained the Certificate in Positive Management in Interpersonal Conflicts and Prevention of Violence (University of Peace, Namur, Belgium). 

            At present, apart from individual consultations, he gives conferences and offers training seminars in  Stress Management, Positive Management of Conflicts, Prevention of Violence, Psycho-energetic Disciplines, and Development of Creative Potential..

Courses and Conferences.
            As a side-line,  Jean Louis Palamini practises  Traditional Japanese Martial Arts, and in particular, Aïkido, the martial art of non-violent exchange of energies between individuals. 

            To these skills, he possesses a particular capacity of instantly removing pain resulting from any kind of burn no matter what the origin (fire, burning liquid,shingles, side effects from radiotherapy, etc)

Jean-Louis PALAMINI proposes individual consultations, training courses and conferences in Paris and the Paris Region as well as the PACA region (Nice, Marseille, Aix en Provence,,,,and elsewhere if the necessary interest is shown
Jean-Louis Palamini
For whom and why?

   Tired,suffering from various pains and aches, depressed? 

Tests, analyses, that "there is nothing wrong"!…. Nothing serious,but....  in fact,  you're feeling really bad.. Thanks to these "energy" techniques like Acupuncture without Needles,  Psycho-Energy and Sophrology, which really work, and complementary to conventional medicine and which he has been practising for the past 25 years, Jean-Louis PALAMINI can help you find your long-lost energy and health.

    Tired, stressed-out and nervy? Difficulties in adapting to your work, family life, social demands? 

 Certified in Prophylactic (Preventive) Sophrology, Jean-Louis PALAMINI, will teach you how to learn to RELAX and to manage the daily stress in your life POSITIVELY.  How? By using several different techniques (adapted individually), combining learning how to breathe properly and using different muscle groups suffering from tension.

     Undergoing or you have already undergone heavy medical treatment? Convalescing, following a serious illness or a surgical operation? 

Through  Psycho-Energy  and Ethno-Sophrology techniques, complementary to your medical treatment, Jean-Louis PALAMINI can help revitalise the real YOU   
    Serious burns?

Jean-Louis PALAMINI , initiated into a century-old method which almost instantly calms the pain caused by any burn, no matter the origin,  : fire, burning liquid, shingles, side effects from radiotherapy...can help you.

     You feel victimised or overwhelmed by work conflicts, or family quarrels, driving stress, social pressures?; your life exposes you to confrontations with difficult people or even problems of violence between you and your family/children?

Conflicts are , however, part of life and are even sometimes necessary for character evolution. However, if badly managed, they can induce relationship difficulties, create psychosomatic problems and can even be responsible for organic diseases.

Graduate of the Peace University of Namur (Belgium), in Positive Management in Conflicts and Prevention of Violence, Jean-Louis PALAMINI can help you in this very specific context, to conduct conflictual situations positively, through personal individual work or through a working group in an adapted seminar. 

  Retired"  and you want to keep the same fit, youthful appearance?

Acupuncture without Needles,  Psycho-Energy and individual or group Sophrology will help you to become aware of your Vital Energy and to  positively utilise its circulation throughout your body and spirit, so as to reinforce your body and spirit,  in order to strengthen your natural defenses and improve your life equilibrium. You will thus maintain your radiant health and you can also use it to enhance your creative potential.

    You are motivated by Self Knowledge and Personal Development?

Initiated in the 1980's into an ancient and jealousy guarded science called "Aurapsychography"  Jean-Louis PALAMINI can help you become aware of your positive capabilities, talents, and even more, those that you are not even aware of!! 

Aurapsychography enables the analysis of the Psyche and more, to re-harmonise the balance between the conscious and unconscious functions. 

This Science, which is complementary to supporting psychotherapies (analytic, behavioral, systemic.) also liberates toxic transgenerational imprints and  reinforces the effects of Psycho-Energy by  wiping out unconscious negative memories. 

Aurapsychography also plays a major role in  reinforcing and developing potential creativity. 


NB: Before any consultation with JLP, it is extremely important to consult your doctor for a qualified diagnosis, to give a prescription or to start and end a treatment and to judge the gravity of an affliction, even when considered benign. 

Jean-Louis PALAMINI considers his function as a complementary one to conventional medicine. He respects the knowledge and training of the doctors with whom he collaborates, in a mutual desire to bring relief to any living being who suffers, and he can only intervene in his capacity as a Therapist in Energetics.

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