Therapist in Energetics
My Diplomas
• Certified in Positive Management of Interpersonal Conflicts and Prevention of Violence (Univerisity of Peace, Namur, Belgium) 

• Diploma in Japanese Martial Arts (Black Belt Second Dan in Aikido and First Dan in Yoseikan Budo)

• Certified in Social Sophrology and Advanced Techniques in Communication

• Therapist specialising in Psycho-Corporel and Behavioural Techniques.

Therapies for every one

  • Acupuncture without Needles
  • Sophrology - Relaxation
  • Psycho-Energy

Specific Therapies

  • Radiesthesia
  • Ethno-Sophrology
  • Treatment of Burns
  • Aurapsychography
Ancestral Medecine such as Acupuncture without Needles, Psycho-Energy and Sophrology, can act in a role of Preventive Medecine but it is also being chosen more and more often as a solution to be used in a complementary  role to conventional medecine in the treatment of many functional and psychosomatic illnesses.

The people concerned by this are often confused by medical check-ups, biological analyses,radiodiagnostics, scanners and other RMI's, which seem to reveal no serious pathologies but who, however, continue to suffer both physically and mentally.
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