Therapist in Energetics

Where do I come from? Where am I going? Who am I? 

The font in the Temple of Delphi, consecrated to Apollo, has the following inscription: : «Know thyself, leave the rest of the world to God" . Socrates just retained the famous"Know thyself", written for posterity and extolled by all the great minds of the West and the East..

"Knowledge of Oneself", which leads to "the Happiness of being Myself" has been inscribed in the whole of a  lifetime after countless obstacles and tests which enable one to evolve  whatever the methods, pathways and borrowed ideas, even more if they have been inspired by initiation techniques. 

This is an age-old Science in which I have been trained for years...Aurapsychography is an amazing tool for Personal Development and  at the same time, a real "Philosopy of the Unconscious Mind". 

 I invite you to discover it.........


Aurapsychography enables the simple explanation of the composition, organization and functions of the Human Spirit, and its interconnections with the body and the energetic influence it has on it.

It illustrates through graphics the physical, psychic,energetic and spiritual identity card of the human being,  each zone displaying the individual's own characteristics in different domaines (intuition,communication,creativity, etc. see photo)

The main channels of strength can be read in the drawing, but also the weaknesses, physical and psychic blockages, as well as the 
 manual, intellectual and artistic faculties. 

Aurapsychography reveals the
energetic disharmonies responsible for mental and physical illnesses. 

It stresses the importance of Transgenerational Transmission ,which is responsible for the repetitions of qualities, talents and virtues from generation to generation, but also for toxic memories and psychic problems which have been engraved in the sub-nconscious and cells of the human being.

The originality and interest of the science is to  enable the Reharmonisation of the Aura, through the decrystalisation of the unconscious  pernicious memories and through the neutralisation of the toxic effects of negative entities which could have been present in the physical and energetic environment of the subject.

Aurapsychography equally enables the development of certain personal resources on the creative and artistic levels and also on the level of intra-psychic and interpersonal communication..

A last word...Aurapsychography does not necessarily require the physical presence of a person in front of the therapist. Much like Astrology, it is possible to obtain effective results through "distance" work. It simply requires the first name, family name and date of birth to be sent to the therapist who can then work at "distance" on the aura, the graphic representation then scanned with instructions on how to work on it at home, and sent to the person involved.
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