Therapist in Energetics
Jean-Louis PALAMINI considers his function as complementary to conventional medecine. 

He respects the medical knowledge and training of his fellow doctors with whom he works, in a mutual desire to help any suffering and he only intervenes in his capacity as an Energetician.

This is why, before any consultation takes place, it could be important to consult a doctor, the only qualified person to diagnose, to prescribe or to end a treatment, and to judge the final gravity of an affliction, even when apparently considered benign.


Vital energy as an image.......


How to generate one's healing powers when confronted by a problem caused by serious illness or surgical operation?

It has always been known that the mind can influence the outcome more or less favourably of a serious illness or on post-operative sequels after an operation.
Recent research in Psycho Neuro Immunology has proved scientifically that the regular practice of Relaxation significantly improves the Immune Defense system. It is totally possible to work positively on the psyche, through special methods which dynamise the potential for recuperation of the organism.

Ethno-Sophrology has a wholistic approach, i.e. it considers the human being in its entirety and places it in the greater ecological context. It thus enables work on the primordial notion of balance and reharmonisation between the person and his/her own energies as well as with the environment and social surroundings.

Treatment for Burns 

This is for any burn, superficially or intensive, on a part of the body or almost entirely. If, after having radiotherapy, you have a feeling of being burnt, sometimes intensely. If you have a case of shingles, which often feels as though an "iron" has been applied to the body. In all these cases, whatever  feeling of being burnt, Jean- Louis Palamini has the capacity of eradicating the pain almost instantaneously, permanently or partially (sometimes several seances are necessary), through an astonishingly effective method, the origins of which go back to the night of time. 


This knowledge which goes back to the origins of humanity, allows the precise determination of the points and zones of the body to be treated by finger pressure. The choice of the energy points, different from one person to the other, even in identical problems,is extremely complex due to a number of parameters. Radiesthesia enables the therapist to select the precise points and thus propose the best treatment for each person.


This original and century-old approach concerning the Vital Energy of the human being, enables the experienced therapist to reharmonise the energies of the organism, as well as certain unconscious and sub-conscious functions.

This work actually neutralises unconscious negative memories, the origin of which can go way back to childhood or even anterior time. 

Aurapsychotherapy is totally complementary to supporting psychotherapies (analysis/behavioral/systemic therapies, etc.) as well as hypnosis, NLP,EMDR etc. 

This ancestral Science is inherent in an approach of the  Liberation of Toxic Transgenerational Impressions, often responsible for the phenomenon of repetitional psychic and physical problems which are often very debilitating.

Aurapsychotherapy enables an individual to free him or herself permanently from "ghost" memories, which are fundamental in the transmission of negative transgenerational memories in the sub-conscious. This can be done apart or in synergy with work in psychogenealogy or in family constellations.
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