Therapist in Energetics

The treatments "Acupuncture without Needles,Psycho-Energy and Sophrology" do not require any removal of clothes. These therapies are , in no case whatsoever, a substitute for conventional medical treatments and are considered as a COMPLEMENTARY back-up.

Acupuncture without Needles 

Acupuncture without Needles or Digitopuncture, is applied without any instrument other than the therapists's hands on some of the 403 points located on the body according to traditional Chinese Medecine. 

The aim is to restore free circulation of the Vital Energy in the virtual canals which are called the Acupuncture Meridians.

Acupuncture without Needles is used in a preventive way,but very often it is used in a healing capacity as a complement to conventional medecine and, for some people, has been shown to be even more effective than Acupuncture, with the advantages of no pain or potential danger.


This is an age-old method, improved upon and modified, which when used alone or as a complement to Acupuncture with Needles, contributes to the reinforcement and dynamisation of  Vital Energy to an organ or tissue, as well as re-starting certain deficient functions. 

Psycho-Energy has certain similarities with Magnetism, although the method is very different. Certain magnetisers have been initiated into Psycho-Energy.

Relaxation - Sophrology 

 Sophrology , created in 1960 by Professeur Alfonso Caycedo, Neuropsychiatrist, is a sort of mid-way between  Relaxation and Yoga.

It works on extremely complex mechanisms in the sub-conscious and results in a very deep physical and mental relaxation which leads to de-stressing and  vastly improved emotional control. It is useful in many domaines such as Stress Management,Relaxation, Preparation for birth, Well-being  programmes, preparation  for medically supported events in life in the fields of profession/sport/school, etc.

Badly managed stress can induce all sorts of mal-functions as tiredness, anger, depression, exhaustion..At this stage, the risk of professional exhaustion (Burn Out) is very possible. Stress is, in fact, recognised by the medical profession as an important factor in cardio-vascular disease and responsible for a lowering of the immune defense system.
 Sophrology is also a Life Philosophy, and the prime aim of this science is the blossoming of the person involved and a Positive Transformation of his/her existence.

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